Sunday, December 11, 2011


10 years old, male

Matthew is a wonderful boy...loves sports, loves to play, and is a good sleeper...I have a few videos to see-please take a look...he is such a charmer...please be patient while they load!

I have quite a few more photos if you are interested, please message me...Jennifer


age 11, female
hydrocephalus, right top cranial defect

Willow loves to read...she is 'diligent and good at learning...makes great efforts in study and in life'...she reads tirelessly her file says. She can take care of herself and has such a happy smile...could you be the family she is waiting for? Watch the videos...what a precious girl!!

Video of Willow (videos take a little bit to load, so be patient!)

Message me with any questions...Jennifer

Monday, December 5, 2011


5 years old, male
congenital deformity in right external ear, atresia auris externa and nanophthalmos in left eye

Oh my stars, little Stewart is about as precious as they come...looks like he's got quite the personality. Here are some pictures...and a few videos...message me for details and more pictures.

Video of Stewart (takes a while for the entire video to load, so be patient)

He is adorable and I love his little voice!!!:) Imagine how the love of a family could bring him to life even more!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


If you remember awhile back, I was advocating for sweet Joseph who was close to aging out...I am happy to say that he met his family yesterday and is doing well. I am posting today about his friend/roomate from his orphanage, named Christian. He came with Joseph to say goodbye the day he met his family and he has asked the director when he could have a family. This tears me know that he went with his friend to see him received with love into a family, all the while wondering when it will be his turn. You have to know that he wonders if it ever will. His birthday is Dec 1, 1999 and it won't be long until it will be too late for him too. The orphanage director says he is such a good boy and has a wonderful personality. I want to do all I can to help him find a home so he can experience the love that he has witnessed his friend Joseph receive. Please pray about what you can do! Is God tugging at your heart to do something in the life of a child. What better use of our lives than to make a true difference in the life of a child!!! Here is a picture of Christian:
Message me if you have any questions...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Francie & Denny

female, 6 years old
HIV positive, mild talipes varus (wears corrective shoes)

male, 4 years
Denny video: password denny1

Denny video 2: password denny2
Denny video 3: password denny3

What beautiful smiles!! Have a great day!!! Jennifer

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Becca, Cameron and Ella

female/8 months
cleft lip & palate
male/2 years old
mild delay
female/6 months

I woke up this morning with advocacy on my mind and laid there and thought about kids for a has been a while since I posted and I was thinking of all the kids and how many need someone to speak up for them...why has it been a month or more since I posted anything?? Feeling convicted, I open up an email from a friend that says in a nutshell..".saw this precious baby, and thought you might want to advocate for her"...I get it, Lord! I am back on it!!! This sweet girl is considered 'unadoptable' by her orphanage...find out more about her story here.
I love these kids...once you see that they are REAL children in need RIGHT is different! Let one of them bless your life....

Thursday, July 21, 2011


female, 8 years old

I had posted earlier that sweet Faith had been matched, but for whatever reason, the family decided not to adopt her. She has been through enough and SHE NEEDS A FAMILY!!!! She has a sparkle in her eyes and she is full of hope! I have heard that her personality is precious...she just needs someone to give her a chance to shine....